ZCC5160-车规级同步降压60V 3A

ZCC5160-车规级同步降压60V 3A


ZCC5160-车规级同步降压60V 3A6379686353005236327641113.pdf


20-µA Quiescent current in regulation Input voltage range: 4V-60V Output voltage range: 1V-VIN Integrated upper and lower power MOSFET maximum current: 5A Adjustable frequency range: 200KHz~2MHz Automatic switching of CCM/DCM/PFM mode Adjustable soft-start time and Output voltage tracking capability Automatically switched bypass linear power supply Provides ultra-low input and output dropout voltage close to 100% duty cycle Internal Compensation Power-good flag Dynamic Frequency Stretch Technology Support large capacitive load start-up Protection function: UVLO/OCP/SCP/OTP/OVP Operating junction temperature range: -40℃ to +125℃ All pins have ±2000V (HBM) ESD protection ETSSOP 16-Pin Exposed Pad Package 


Industrial power supply Wide voltage input range power supply Low ripple low noise power supply Automotive electronic power supply 

Description ZCC5160 is a step-down DC/DC regulator with an internal switch, featuring SKIP control mode, which combines low quiescent current with high switching frequency to achieve high-efficiency regulation over a wide range of load currents. SKIP mode uses a short 'burst' cycle to switch the inductor current through the internal power MOSFET, followed by a sleep cycle in which the power switch is turned off and the load current is provided by the output capacitor. At light loads, burst cycles are a small fraction of the total cycle time, minimizing average supply current and greatly improving efficiency at light loads. ZCC5160 has a wide input voltage range of 4V-60V, thus minimizing the need for external surge suppression components. Making it the best choice for wide input power range industrial and high cell count battery pack applications. ZCC5160 is ideal for use in the 48V automotive power bus range. ZCC5160 features low-value 100mΩ high-side and 80mΩ low-side MOSFET that provide at least 3A output current capability with excellent load and line transient response. Additional features include: soft-start, thermal shutdown, UVLO undervoltage lockout, gate driver undervoltage lockout, maximum duty cycle limit timer, and current limit shutdown timer. It also integrates output short-circuit protection, providing HICCUP mode when the FB voltage is low to avoid overheating during short-circuit

发布时间: 2013 - 11 - 29
发布时间: 2013 - 11 - 29
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