3A充电电流1~4节开关型同步充电管理IC --ZCC6688

3A充电电流1~4节开关型同步充电管理IC --ZCC66886370147217142284905426177.pdf

3A Synchronous Buck Li-ion Charger 


General Description The ZCC6688 is a 2A Li-Ion battery charger. It utilizes a 500KHz synchronous buck converter topology to reduce power dissipation during charging. Low power dissipation, an internal MOSFET allow a physically small charger that can be embedded in a wide range of handheld applications. The ZCC6688 includes complete charge termination circuitry, automatic recharge and a ±1% 4.2V / 8.4V / 12.6V float voltage. Battery charge current, charge timeout and end-ofcharge indication parameters are set with external components. Additional features include shorted cell detection; temperature qualified charging and overvoltage protection. The ZCC6688 is available in a low profile ESOP8 and package. 



Features  Input voltage range 4V~20V  Dynamic input current allocation for maximum charging rate  3.0A Maximum Charge Current  No External MOSFETs and Blocking Diode Required  Efficiency up to 90%  Constant-Current/Constant-Voltage Operation with Thermal Regulation to Maximize Charge Rate Without Risk of Overheating  Optional Battery Temperature Monitoring Before and During Charge Automatic Sleep Mode for Low-Power  Over Current Protection  Consumption Available in ESOP8  RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free


3A充电电流1~4节开关型同步充电管理IC --ZCC6688

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  • 产品特点:1.同步降压芯片,转换效率高达98%。2.小体积,电流高达2.0A输出能力。3.高频600Khz固定开关频率,稳定高效。4.输入电压范围:4.0V~18V 。5.低压差损耗,最高占空比可达92%。6.反馈电压0.6V,输出电压可调7.内置电流补偿模式,具有良好的瞬态响应8.SOT23-6小体积封装。产品应用:1.数字机顶盒、车载导航等产品供电系统 2.电子产品分布式电源供电系统3.便携电子仪器和手持设备相关产品供电系统4.无线路由器、无线猫等网络产品
  • 产品特点:1.同步降压芯片,转换效率高达96%。2.小体积,电流高达3.0A输出能力。3.高频1.2Mhz固定开关频率,稳定高效。4.输入电压范围:2.5V~5.5V 。5.低压差损耗,最高占空比可达100%。6.PFM模式,轻载更节能、高效。静态电流低至40uA以下。7.内置温度保护、过流保护、过压保护和软启动功能 8.SOT23-5小体积封装。产品应用:1.MP3、MP4、移动电话、车载导航等产品供电系统 2.平板电脑、数码相框、数码相机等数码产品供电系统3.便携电子仪器和手持设备相关产品供电系统4.蓝牙音箱等相关产品供电系统
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